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Healthy Foods That Can Help With Bipolar Disorder and Weight Management

Guest Post by Wally Brown:
Is it possible that what you eat as part of your daily diet could be having a negative effect on your bipolar disorder? Recent studies have shown that the foods that we eat or do not eat can have an impact on our mental health, and of course our overall health as well. If you suffer from bipolar disorder, weight gain or both and would like to learn more about some great healthy foods that you can eat safely you will want to read this article.

Healthy Foods That Can Help With Bipolar Disorder and Weight Management

It is interesting to see that foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our body needs in order to be healthy also can play a role in our mental health and well being. One of these very important minerals that our body needs on a wide range of levels is magnesium.

There is some evidence that magnesium in the brain can act similar to lithium, even sharing some of the same receptor sites in some cases. Magnesium has also been widely shown to alleviate stress and promote increased sleep quality which can be quite helpful among bipolar sufferers.

Let's take a look at some foods that are both high in magnesium and are perfect for maintaining your weight and your health.

1) Dark leafy greens: (Kale, spinach, chard) - Eating leafy green vegetables is not only going to give your body the magnesium that it needs, but it is also a great source of a wide range of other vitamins and minerals, as well as a great source of protein.

2) Nuts and Seeds: If you are concerned about fat content in your food, you do not need to worry about eating healthy nuts. The truth is quite simply that eating foods which are high in fat will absolutely not contribute to weight gain, if those foods are natural and healthy like nuts and seeds are. To get any benefit out of eating nuts and seeds you will want to find raw, unsalted varieties of your favorite nuts which are readily available these days at your health food store. Not only that, but almonds, cashews and other nuts are high in protein that your body needs.

3) Beans and Lentils: Beans and lentils are a fantastic way to get some protein in your diet in an extremely healthy manner. Not only are foods such as black eyed peas, kidney beans, garbanzo beans and lentils packed with magnesium, but they really taste great and will make you feel full for a long time.

4) Avocados: Avocados are one of the healthiest and best tasting foods on the planet, and as you may have already guessed they are loaded with magnesium. You do not need to spend one second worrying about the fat content of an avocado, because eating these delicious fruits will absolutely not affect your health or weight in any negative way.

5) Bananas: Bananas are available all year round, and they are filled with wonderful magnesium that your body is craving. And if you think that peeling and eating a banana is the only way to enjoy them think again. There are really simple recipes for banana pancakes that will really blow your mind at how delicious a banana can be.

This is far from a comprehensive list of delicious foods that you can eat that will refill your body with much needed magnesium and other vital minerals and vitamins. But what list of healthy foods that you can eat would be complete without a short list of foods that would be wise to avoid!

Foods to Avoid If You Have Bipolar Disorder OR Health/Weight Issues

Let's face it, some foods are bad for all people, regardless of our mental state. Foods that serve no purpose to our brain and body should be avoided, or at least minimized as much as they possibly can in order to have the healthiest life possible.

1) Caffeine: Caffeine can impair your sleep function, which has been shown to be a trigger for mood swings and manic episodes. Not only that, but caffeine is addictive and can make many people feel jittery and awful. If you can avoid caffeine completely, your body will thank you for it in many ways.

2) Sugar: It has been suggested that a diet high in sugar may add to the difficult mood swings caused by bipolar disorder due to the highs and lows that come when eating the substance. Regardless of that, sugar is the main reason that obesity rates are continuing to climb in our sugar-laden society. Every single
thing you can do to eliminate sugar from your diet will give you health benefits that are immensurable!

3) Alcohol: It goes without saying that drinking alcohol can cause mood swings all by itself. Alcohol is also not recommended to drink with basically every medication known to man, and as a nice side-effect drinking alcohol will raise your blood sugar, causing a wide range of problems.

By Wally Brown:
After many years of battling weight gain and health issues, Wally learned about the endless benefits of eating a plant based diet. By simply eating all natural foods I lost over 70 pounds in just a few months and have kept it off. Not only that, but I am now free from taking any medication to control the health issues that I no longer have.

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