Sunday, October 20, 2013

Silence - a poem

Such a fickle creature -- my friend, my foe.
I welcome my friend with open arms when my senses overload.
You envelop me in your blanket of stillness, comforting me.
My protector. My safe harbor.
I control your absence of sound, for me, you are my slave.
And I, I am the master.
Mean-spirited you are, my foe, dark silence.
I quiver at your abrupt entry, startling my senses.
You swoop down, blanking all thought, all consciousness, frightening me.
My fears magnify. My terrors grow.
You control my imagination; I am your unwilling servant.
And you, you are my captor
Silence, are you my friend or foe?

Image credit: sziban / 123RF Stock Photo

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