Sunday, March 30, 2014

Five Things to do When You are in a Crisis is a wonderful wealth of information. They have the greatest images as well that not only entertain but dispense knowledge.

Today, I found one about being in a crisis. It describes the Five Things to do When you are in a Crisis.

As a person with Bipolar Disorder the next crisis could be right behind the corner. I have to be diligent about watching for triggers and making sure I'm emotionally and mentally balanced. Even with that diligence, a time may come when I end up in crisis.

I'm grateful for these tips.

1. Get busy. Taking action helps decrease your anxiety. Anxiety feeds on helplessness and feeling out of control. Action puts you back in the driver seat.

2. Get Connected. We are social creatures, humans usually come together to handle crisis because that is how we get through. You are worthy! Connect with someone.

3. Do research. Odds are that somebody else has been through it and out the other side. They can give you hope at the very least and great ideas at the best.

4. Be in the moment. Don't jump ahead. Focus on what you need to do right now.

5. Trust yourself. We have greater capacity that we think we have when we are put to the test. You have skills, I know you do, how else would you have gotten this far?

Aren't these great tips?

I hope that you put them somewhere close so that they are handy if/when you are in an emotional crisis.

Have a blessed day.

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