Monday, July 21, 2014

Bipolar is Not an Adjective - Guest Post

“She is bipolar.”  “You are bipolar.”  “I am bipolar.”

Why is the word bipolar used as an adjective?

Does someone with cancer say “I am cancer”?  How about “I am herpes.”  LOL.  It’s comical.

Well, it would be comical if illness-used-as-an-adjective didn’t convert it into an insult.

“You’re cancer.”

“You’re herpes.”

I am not bipolar.  You are not bipolar.
I have bipolar.  You have bipolar.
Illness is a noun, not an adjective.
Spread the word.

About Brooke Jones

My blog entries are my real-life.  Detailed for your amusement are my personal experiences of navigating this world armed only with mood swings, the attention span of a gnat and a shitload of character. 

I'm an avid hobbyist, convicted wordophile, and a ravenous collector of aliases.  This affliction began in early childhood.  Why be one person for your whole entire life, when you can be dozens if you want?  Titles include (but are not limited to):  HBIC, Americas Sweetheart, Brick House, Cat Five, Auntie, The Vibe, Alleged Felon, Pitbull Owner, and the most recently added moniker of "Delightful Prisoner."  Check out my blog “Cuffed n Stuffed” to read about how I earned that one.

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