Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to Bust Depression During the Holidays

I found a great article that will help you beat the depression blues for a better holiday season.

The author uses some acronyms that are easy to remember.

SEE - Sleep Regularly. Eat Well. Exercise.

HALT - Don't get too Hungry. Angry. Lonely. Tired.

Pretty easy to remember, right.

Also, Don't forget to list your depression triggers: People, places, and things that tend to trigger your fears and bring out your worst traits or reactions that you can't control.

If you have a Wellness Recovery Action Plan, make sure it's updated with all your current information such as medications and medical history as well as all the triggers and appropriate actions to take for each one. If you don't have a WRAP, go to this website and sign up immediately! If you don't give yourself any gift this year, give yourself the gift of peace of mind. You can find it when you create your own Wellness Recovery Action Plan. I don't go a day without looking at mine.

So, WRAP up this holiday season on the UP side. And, WRAP up a special gift for you with your very own Wellness Recovery Action Plan.

I found this quote in the article, "According to Gandhi, the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service to others." Well, I say, Choose your services carefully so that they don't stress you out so much that you end up a depressed puddle of goo capable of nothing this holiday season.

You can read the full article here. Nine Holiday Depression Busters.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



  1. Beautiful acronyms that are perfect! The holidays are a difficult time for me because my husband and I live close to both of our families. It's tough to spend time with them without feeling down afterward, but we still feel like we need to give them some time around the holidays. I've already worked out a plan with my therapist that should minimize the damage. These acronyms will serve as great reminders. I also like the idea of having a wellness plan. I created a list of healthy coping strategies a while back. I defeinitely need to get that printed out and hung somewhere I can look at it more often. It works for me, but I don't always remember I have it.

    Great post. Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend and holiday.

  2. Good advice... it can be a difficult time of year for many people. I think keeping things simple is also good... not putting pressure on ourselves that everything has to be "perfect" for the holidays.

    Found you through Sharefest... have a great weekend!

  3. Very useful advice! I didn't know depression actually exists during festive season. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you.

  4. Great advice. It's easy to lose sight of taking care of ourselves and eating right and exercising when there are creating magical and memorable holidays to worry about! It's easy to fall off the wagon of taking good care of ourselves, but REALLY hard to get back on. Stooping by from SITS!


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