Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, to ME!

Yes, today is my birthday and I'm really excited. I'm turning 51. Last year when I turned 50, I invited 30 my of friends and family to join me on a yacht dinner cruise of Tampa Bay. It was an absolute success.

I enjoyed good times with friends, like Maria and Bryan:

and family like my daughter, Amber and her husband, Scott:

and of course I wouldn't leave out the love of my life, my hubby, Greg. He made it all possible:

This year, we are having another celebration by going to SeaWorld in Orlando. I love it there and every time I go, I seem to discover something new about the park and the animals.

When I return, I'll have to post pictures of this year's celebration. Right now, I'm going to go make sure my special birthday cake truffle from Godiva Chocolates is still in the refrigerator. Don't want anything to happen to it. It's all the cake I'm going to have.

Have a wonderful weekend, I know I will.


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