Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mental Health Stigma - Can You Pass the Test?

Are you sure you do not harbor any negative thoughts about people with Mental Health Issues?

Here is a simple test developed by David Sussman, PhD:

Mental Illness Stigma Quiz
True or False:
1) There’s no real difference between the terms “mentally ill” and “has a mental illness.”
2) People with mental illness tend to be dangerous and unpredictable.
3) I would worry about my son or daughter marrying someone with a mental illness.
4) I’ve made fun of people with mental illness in the past.
5) I don’t know if I could trust a co-worker who has a mental illness.
6) I’m scared of or stay away from people who appear to have a mental illness.

7) People with a mental illness are lazy or weak and need to just “get over it.”
8) Once someone has a mental illness, they will never recover.
9) I would hesitate to hire someone with a history of mental illness.
10) I’ve used terms like “crazy,” “psycho,” “nut job,” or “retarded” in reference to someone with a mental illness.
The scoring is simple; one point for every true response. Unless your score is zero, you have had thoughts, feelings, or behaviors which can contribute to increased stigma toward people with mental illness. The higher your score, the more likely it is you have had these types of experiences. 
If you scored a zero, congratulate yourself. Good job! 

If you scored anything other than a zero, you may benefit from reading the articles below, or commenting and asking questions. I would be happy to answer.

Here are more articles to help you understand and discover new ways to help stop Mental Health Stigma:

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