Friday, September 26, 2008

Shopping: Shopping x10 for a Bipolar

I love to shop. I use to hate it. I take that back. I used to not like it when I didn't have any money. Then God invented the credit card and bestowed it upon me and all was good with the world.

I'm a hoarder. A shopper x10. And having Bipolar, I go hog wild when it comes to shopping. It's one of the manic side effects. I love it. My husband doesn't. Neither does our bank account. So, I'm really trying to learn to control myself. Especially after I spent about $5,000.00 in one month. Whoooieeee, that's the month my husband took my credit cards away.

I've earned back one.

And, I've learned to limit my shopping to under $100.00 at a time. But, I'm still a hoarder. I love sales. Walmart had tank tops on sale for $3.00 the other day. So, what did I do. Get one in every color I liked. Did I have to? Wouldn't one or two have done just as well? I'm sure they would have to a normal person, but not to my way of thinking.

And, I hoard toilet paper and paper towels. You should see my garage. It's like the paper aisle at a grocery store. And, don't even look in the closet in my bathroom. You'll find 8, yes I said EIGHT, deodorants, 5 bottles of shampoo, 4 bottles of body soap, probably about 4 packages of q-tips, and the list goes on and on. I really hate to run out of things. I like to have a lot on hand in case for some reason we can't get to the store for awhile like in a hurricane and we need these things. Especially TOILET PAPER!!

For me, shopping gives me a HIGH. That feeling that some people get from doing extreme sports or maybe even drugs. I go into a zone and when I come out of it, I'm walking out of the store with bags of things. All of the things are good, usable and wearable. Nothing freaky like a talking bass fish on a plaque or anything weird like that. I just get caught up in the shopping and can't stop myself. I hear a lot of Bipolars are like that. It's all part of being manic.

But, when I'm not manic, I can mostly keep myself under control. But, the need to get the "high" feeling is still there. It's like needing my "fix". I gotta have it. So, I soothe myself with a trip to the grocery store. Where I can load up on paper towels, toilet paper, and paper plates. Can't have enough paper plates.


  1. Vicki,

    After reading your post, I think I could be bi-polar as well. I love shoe shopping! I have many, many boxes of shoes in my closet. I've even hid some so my hubby won't see the REAL number. But somehow, I don't see this as a bad thing :)

  2. Hi Bev, I think it has to do with the types of shoes I have. I have a pair of tennis shoes for walking on the street. I have pair of walking shoes for when I do my power walking. I have a pair of shoes I use for when working out at Curves. I have a pair of shoes I use when volunteering at the hospital. (all of these are tennie shoes by the way) The we move to the flip flops. One for walking the dog outside in the back yard. One for going out in public. One for .... I think you get the idea. It's the obsessiveness I have about my shoes that leads me to bipolar. :-)

    Although, deep down inside.. I just love to shoe shop. I got that from my mom. She's a shoe shopper too. And, she passed that gene onto me. I have shoe racks all over in my closet and I just interchange out my shoes once in a while and say, gee, haven't they always been there? My husband never pays any attention to what I put on my feet. Not unless I literally POINT it out.

    Same way with clothes. He doesn't pay any attention. Expect for my PJ's. Then he notices. Hmmmm.

  3. I used to be a shopper but, the older I get, the less it appeals. It seems I've already got so much stuff that I'm in the process of getting rid of it.
    Nevertheless, I do remember that high feeling and nothing beat getting something that fit, looked great, and was on sale--a triple header!

  4. Eileen, those sales racks are the first places I head for when I hit the stores now. If I'm supposed to limit my spending, then I save as much as I can and if I can find something great, then like you said, it's even better!!

  5. Vicki,

    It has to do with the hunting-gathering gene, and the storage of nuts for the winter syndrome like a squirrel!!

    Sounds normal to me....



  6. Oh, Vicki, we women must all be bi-polar when it comes to shopping! My addiction was shoes and hats. Oh, and I was dangerous in an art supply store - all those pretty colors!

    I will say that I'm not the fashion plate I once was, which is a blessing for my bank account but a detriment to my personal style, lol.

    I do buy multiple colors in basic clothes that I like. In reality, for me that is a wiser decision because I have a good basic wardrobe of classics that last for years which I can then jazz up with some more expensive hand made, artist created tops and jewelry.

    And I no longer allow myself to shop for any clothing with a credit card, lol.

    I'm laughing at Dr Sally's response about storing nuts for winter!

  7. Betty, you name the place, I'd love to shop for you!

  8. Melodieann, you're woman after my own heart. That's how I stock up too. I love sales!! And, I use my coupons during sales too. Hubby just doesn't get it.

  9. Hi, Vicki,

    I used to love shopping, but as I got older I don't enjoy it quite as much. I just found your blog, and I enjoyed it very much.

    Elaine Cantrell

  10. You are great, Vicki! I appreciate how you speak on the things you face with bi-polar.

    I love to shop, too. I go for long periods of time without buying clothes for myself, and then when I finally decide it's time, I buy everything I like that fits. I must say, I felt good in my new, silky, purple blouse today. Gave me a high!

  11. Thanks, Pam.

    I bet you look really good in purple too with your coloring and your blond hair!

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